I love photography and I love the outdoors! MVP Outdoors is a combination of those two passions.

Hi, my name is Todd Butkowski and I'm an outdoors photographer. I'm based in SE Michigan, although it seems I'm on the road more often than not! I'm very fortunate to have a great network of friends and family that keep their eyes open for interesting subjects in the outdoors.

Patience and support are words linked directly to my wife of 20 years and our two awesome children. They are literally the MVP's of all this. Take my word for it, we've had more than one vacation that's turned into a photography project and a bit of tardiness on my part in getting to events, yet they are always understanding. Blessed and amazed.

If you ever need to contact me about an order or have any questions, please email me at mvpoutdoors@yahoo.com

Thanks for stopping by!

Todd Butkowski


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